How Untreated Water Damage Will Lead to Structural Damage

Most people who have lived in a residential building have had problems with water damage at some point. Maybe the rain leaks through the roof and falls onto the floor. Sometimes a flood can rush into the home from the outside. Other times pipes from the refrigerator or washing machine become disconnected and flood the home. Some people think that cleaning up the water isn’t all that is necessary; however, the damage that results can also cause structural damage. A few of the ways that water damage can lead to structural damage are discussed below.

Water Damage Warps the Wood

Many people have heard about wood warping and the problems that this can cause. For those that don’t understand, wood warping refers to a change in the shape of the wood due to the damage from water. While some people think that wood warping is merely an aesthetic issue, remember that wood is used in walls and roofs as well. If the wood warps, it is no longer straight and the alignment that was used to keep the walls and roof strong has been moved out of place. This can lead to support problems for the structure of the home.

Water Damage Can Degrade Metal

Water damage can cause the metallic fabrication in the home to rust. People depend on metal to carry air conditioning fluids, heat, and clean water through the plumbing system. Many people have also reinforced parts of their home with metal. Water reacts with the metal and can cause the metal to rust over. This damages the integrity of the surface and can contaminate drinking water or decrease the efficiency of a heating system. People should have water damage treated to preserve the integrity of their piping and fabrication.

These are only a couple of the ways that untreated water damage can have important impacts on the structure of a home. Treat water damage to prevent them from happening.

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