3 Signs You Have a Leaking Pipe

Some plumbing issues are blatantly obvious and involve significant volumes of water where it doesn’t belong. In other cases, however, a broken pipe can occur without obvious signs. The following tips are offered to assist homeowners in determining whether they have a broken or damaged pipe. Being able to identify common plumbing issues can help homeowners address problems in a timely manner and avoid expensive repairs or extensive water damage within the home.

Unusual Sounds

One of the most common indications of a broken pipe involves unusual or abnormal sounds. Strange whistling sounds can result if a pipe becomes dented. Because water is no longer able to flow freely through the pipe, whistling sounds result. Without being addressed, increased water pressure can cause the pipe to burst, necessitating an expensive repair and risking serious water damage.

Unusual Smells

Another indicator of a broken pipe is the presence of unusual or unpleasant odors. When pipes become broken or backed up, sewage is unable to exit the plumbing system properly. It is important to address the source of any foul odor within the home, as sewage poses a significant health risk to your family and pets.

Unusual Sights

The presence of puddles or standing water within your home can indicate a broken or damaged pipe. Homeowners often overlook small accumulations of water in the belief that the puddles are the result of spills or the handiwork of children or pets. It is important to take note of any area where water frequently accumulates, and to determine if the source is broken or damaged plumbing. Another sight that indicates a broken pipe is an unusually high water bill.

Homeowners should be aware that any unusual sounds, odors or sights can suggest broken or damaged pipes within the home. Addressing plumbing issues as they arise is an important step in home maintenance and can head off many more serious and expensive plumbing issues. A broken pipe is not uncommon and is a plumbing matter that can be quickly and easily handled by professional.

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