5 Ways to Find a Water Leak in Your House

Water leaks can start out deceptively small, yet they add up to substantial damage to your house if they are not caught in time. Mold, rotted structural beams and ruined flooring are just a few types of damage that you can avoid by knowing how to check for water leaks. If you suspect a leak, use these five tips to identify its source so that you can get it repaired.

1. Follow the Trail

When you know a leak is occurring in a general area, such as under your sink, you can follow the drip up to the pipe. Provided that the leak is not hidden behind walls, you should see the exact spot from which it has sprung.

2. Check the Grass

Over time, the pipes running from the street to your house erode and become vulnerable to leaks. When this happens, you will see that the grass near the leak may be greener, and you will feel a water logged patch of the ground.

3. Listen to Your Toilet

Toilets are notorious for minor water leaks, and you can drop your water bill by taking the tank off and listening for sounds of water such as a hiss. You can also drop food coloring into the bowl, and watch to see if the water turns clear. If so, your toilet is leaking water and may need to be repaired.

4. Watch the Meter

Access the main water valve to your house and shut it off. Then, check to see if your meter is still spinning. If it is, then the leak is likely occurring outdoors, except for in the case of a leaky valve inside.

5. Seek Professional Support

Water leaks are notoriously difficult to identify, which means that you may need help finding the location from a professional. Promptly locating and repairing the source of the leak is essential for maintaining your home’s value.

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