What Do I Need to Know Before I Build a Custom Home?

Building your own custom home can be a very exciting time, and it is important to do certain tasks before you even break ground. Here, we will cover a few things you need to know before building a custom home.

Know Where You’re Building

This one goes beyond just having a piece of land on which to build. You will need to know where you will want your house to be situated and in what direction you will want it to face. You’ll have to take things like drainage fields and perk tests into account, and also things like whether you’ll be too close to your boundary lines. If you’re on a hill, you will need to account for building a road, and if your area is wooded, you’ll have to clear it first.

Know What You’re Building

A custom house is just that. You will be making all the decisions about what goes in it. You will need to either have your blueprints chosen or drawn up with all of the optional interior construction plans selected at the onset. Major external fixtures like decks should already be planned for before the building begins.

All Things Financial

You will need to know how large your budget is so that you can plan for your home adequately, and you will want to have your financing secured with the bank of your choice. You will also want to have a rough estimate of how much your home is going to cost. This will need to include all of your interior choices as well.

Time Frame

Lastly, it is good to have an idea of how long the various stages of building will take. Remember that this will be a rough assessment of the time involved and that schedules are apt to change with weather delays and because of other unforeseen occurrences.

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