How Long Does A Custom Built House Take?

For most people in the USA, no matter which state they live in, owning a house is of paramount importance. Plus, most house owners want their homes to be something different than others – they want it customized. Of course, it would take a considerable time for your contractors to build a fully customized house for you, and most of them would provide you with a presumptive timeline before breaking ground. In this short blog, we will explain you the steps involved and the amount of time it would require.

  • Before breaking ground, you will likely need all the permits, a stable financing source, and a detailed final plan. For some people, it would take only one or two months to get these things sorted, whereas for others it might take even a year.
  • On average, you might need around one month for laying out the foundation of your house, cleaning the surrounding area, and leveling out the ground.
  • Next, framing would take you to two months. But in case of emergencies such as bad weather or accident, it might take more time. But once you have your roof up, you will not have to bother about environmental emergencies anymore.
  • Once your workers are done with the outside of the house, they will get started with plumbing and electrical works. On average this step would take around one month.
  • Once your house has a solid structure and has all the amenities ready, the contractor would start giving it a more “house-like” look. Interior finishing is a rather long step and would likely take around two months.
  • Finally, your contractor is finishing things off! He is laying out the floor, doing the paintings of your rooms and finishing the plumbing and electrical tasks. Your house is ready now, and this final step would generally take two months to complete.

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